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Founded in October of 2000 , Dixie Host set out to provide quality, low cost web hosting and custom web design services to the online community. Our goal is to offer inexpensive web hosting and a quality web design service that revolves around three key points.

First and most important, we offer superior customer support with the understanding that the Internet is very new to the majority of its users. A knowledgeable and friendly support staff puts Dixie Host at the head of it's class when it comes to customer support.

Our second key point is to offer the fastest possible download times for our customers. To achieve this we know that fast connections and state of the art hardware is key. We chose to partner with Iserver/VerioŠ, as they offered an abundant amount of redundant bandwidth that was readily available as needed. High bandwidth to customer ratios along with Sun Solaris servers give our customers some of the fastest download times available on the Internet.

Our final goal is to provide reliability in our services. Quality hardware, adequate bandwidth, 24 hour physical monitoring, daily system backups and excellent system administration all contribute to superior reliability.

Dixie Host constantly strives to offer its customers the most current features that come about in the rapidly changing pace of the Internet. Dixie Host does so by consistently updating our software and providing
new features such as turnkey e-commerce solutions and real-time user interfaces with each account.

Quality support, speed and reliability are who we are and who we will remain to be. Dixie Host is quickly becoming one of the leading web hosting companies on the Internet.

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