Phoenix Canaryensis in distress, seek expert horticulteral care.

I have a compund problem here, damage from leaf miners and squirrel nesting damage to heart! Needs immediate care, I love this tree.

Canary Island Date Palm, about 9' trunk. Transplanted 2 years ago. It Was infested with leaf skeletonizesr on arrival. It purchased as is from Sunscape nurseries in Tampa in a relocation deal.. I could not tell it was infested as the canopy was tied to 5x5 support mast 20'tall which I had to leave tied for 6 weeks. I was advised to spray with chemacle to bring under control.

I have sprayed with Sevin three times and the tree still looks very stressed. I have been fertilizing with steaks and magnesium. It has gotten plenty of water.












To Fron Damage Pic #1

To Fron Damage Pic #2

To Squirrel Damaged Heart





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